This guitar is called ‘’Sakura”
She is on Fender Custom Shop Calender 2016.
That was our  first opportunity for working with
Fender Master Builder, Dale Wilson.
Also it is the one  that never been  forgotten.
 The Master builder , Dale Wilson , he visited 
 ‘’Wajima  Museum of  Urushi  Arts“ in  Japan.
These arts  such as ‘’Urushi’’(Lacquer works ) , 
‘’Kinbyoubu’’ (gold  screens)  inspired him.”.
So the idea he brought us for NAMM 2015 was
‘’Gold-leaf guitar with  cherry blossom petals’.’

    Gold-leaf Guitar ! It’s sound so sweet, 
but it’s  process was so tough..  
A guitar which made from wood and  gold-leaf
which made from gold , they are never get along .  
After we  made the first sample , the gold-leaf 
on the guitar started peel off.  
OMG ! OMG ! OMG!!!We  ruined the  body which
made by Fender Master Builder. 
We  went to Dale’s  office and apologized .
He said ‘’No worry’’ and provided  an another body 
from his cabinet and smiled. 

   After struggling with our second chance ,
the gold-leaf guitar  turned   out  so  amazing.
Still now the first body which ruined by me 
is hanging on my wall and agazing me.